A modern and intuitive online store? Nothing easier!

The scale of digitization progress is difficult to determine. On the one hand, there are many useful solutions on the market that theoretically meet the expectations of demanding customers, and on the other hand, there is still a lot of demand for even newer and simpler creations. Further digital growth is an inevitable consequence of the growing needs of service users. New solutions are made available not only to the market leaders, but also to beginner start-ups or developed fintechs.

Market transformation indicated e-commerce platforms as one of the main directions of development. More and more entrepreneurs already provide goods and services online or intend to do so in the near future. The current situation related to the epidemic additionally motivates and even forces stores to develop in the area of ​​e-commerce. One of the indicated obstacles to the implementation of the planned changes is incurring significant costs related to the transformation of the current website into an online store. Problems are also caused by not always easy to use and transparent websites for managing online stores. Customers, in turn, are looking for attractive financing for their purchases, preferably several offers, in order to be able to choose the one that best suits their needs. Finding the right platform for the store and at the same time sources of financing for purchases for customers has proven complicated for many sellers.

Some time ago, the Polish fintech Provema released the LoanByLink module. The main goal of this solution is to transform any website into an e-commerce store with the option of installment purchases. Integration is very simple and takes a few minutes. After registering on the partner’s website, the service provider receives a code for implications on his website and access to the management platform. From here, he can monitor not only the purchases made, but also the financing offered. From the panel position, we can see at what stage the purchase is or the current status of the application for financing the purchase. LoanByLink in the panel provides the options necessary to implement the store. From the calculator converting installments, advertising banners and ending with instructions. From now on, the website becomes a store. What is important, the cooperating partner can count on the full support of the team both at the stage of implementing the LoanByLink service as well as later, when customers are already actively using installment purchases.

LoanByLink, in addition to the possibility of obtaining the store option, allows you to offer services in the form of installments. Depending on whether the seller already has a store or is facing the choice of launching it, he also has the option of providing financing for his services. Because we efficiently use artificial intelligence algorithms in the credit risk analysis, our system is able to process as many as 10,000 applications at the same time. Thanks to this, we shorten the time needed to launch financing and at the same time reduce the likelihood of customers abandoning the basket. Provema offers a diverse range of offers depending on the needs and financial capabilities of customers. LoanByLink is dedicated to all entrepreneurs, regardless of the type of business. To start cooperation, it is enough that our potential Partners sell or intend to sell their goods and services on-line.

Polish Fintech specializing in advanced technologies and artificial intelligence in the world of finance.

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