E-shops in fashion. The tycoons are chasing promotions. Black Friday?

Not surprisingly, services moved online during the pandemic. Lock down forced entrepreneurs to change their industries or digitize their ventures. Switching to the virtual mode of operation was simply necessary to survive.

We buy almost everything online. As the report showed, we actively use on-line payments. From July to September, 110 million transactions were made only with the BLIK payment. Twice more than the year before. Over 78 million are online payments, which is twice as much as the year before. The scale of the progress towards e-commerce is amazing.

Whatever the industry, there are companies that do well and can adapt to a unique situation. They delve into new distribution channels and opportunities and the market gives them a good choice to transform their business into an e-shop. There are more or less known platforms as well as new players such as LoanByLink. Possibilities for every budget, and according to the report “E-commerce during the crisis 2020” already 57 percent. of Internet users shopping online. The potential increases.

This potential is also noticed by companies offering e-commerce channels. New customers can count on various promotions resulting from the selection of a specific plug. Bonuses are also provided for willing developers. LoanByLink currently offers PLN 500 for each correctly integrated integration with their plug. The programmer can integrate up to PLN 10,000. It is not complicated considering how many websites are created each year. Today, you can buy a voucher for almost every service. Training — from cosmetic to legal advice, aesthetic medicine treatments, health therapies, dream gifts. Each of the examples above has a website, and for any developer, it’s a potential plugin. Why? Because LoanByLink is a simple module that transforms any website into an e-shop and simple integration of the installment offer, and developers know the needs of their customers and can show the right solutions.

Black Friday stimulates the imagination of not only potential customers. Digitization shows what the direction is and entrepreneurs want to use it. Looking for a chance to offer your services, especially on the day of great promotions, is of great importance. Good promotions like LoanByLink are the result of well-thought-out strategic decisions. Who will benefit and who will wake up next year?

Polish Fintech specializing in advanced technologies and artificial intelligence in the world of finance.

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