Good rating or efficient execution? How does Provema limit burden of losses?

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Provema is a new company called ‘start-up’ from Katowice (Upper-Silesia in Poland). They render services based on giving online loans without the necessity of leaving home. Last year the company not only expanded abroad but also got some prizes and was given an MIP license issued by Financial Supervision Commission. The enterprise claims that their agility is a result of AI use, quite small but attuned team. Company does not reveal their financial successes but says that their burden of losses equals less than 18% and is continuously falling.


Credit risk assessment is a basic element used in each enterprise that renders financing. Most companies minimises the risk by using BIK, BIG, Info Monitor or CRIF data bases. Such form of verification allows reduction of financial agreements percent. The loans under these agreements probably would not be paid back. Provema claims that verification should start simultaneously with loan or credit application. Provema’s developed algorythms classify behaviours during application process. Their system differentiated 56 anxious customers’ behaviour symptoms. Repetition of suspicious behaviours lets company to react quickly minimising extortion or fraud risks. The essence of archetypes is real time reaction. Provema ltd will not expose the details of programmed algorythms’ ‘know how’. It is known though that the core is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Internal execution

Late repayments are nothing new. Grzegorz Szulik declares that their competitive advantage is their own execution department. Agents reponsible for contacting debtors know the company from the very beginning. Consequently, they have the knowledge how to cooperate with customers having late repayments. Employees act according to an action plan approved and corresponding to actual DPD. They can use all available means to get the debts back. Provema’s chairman emphasises the most important issues in the mentioned process. ‘Contact with clients and initiating repayment process is crucial when there is no possibility of paying back the loan due to primary schedule. Flexibility is not a bad thing if we use it reasonably and this is the direction we should take.

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