The power of selling on social networks — social selling

Social selling is the use of social media to conduct sales activities, i.e. making products available online to their customers without the need to open an e-commerce store.

Sales via social media are carried out using tools provided by the platform itself, e.g. Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Social media provide not only a wide audience, but with appropriate product quality — popularity.

Worldwide, more than 30% of internet users report that they follow their favorite / desired brands on social media and almost the same say that they rely on social networks to search for services and products. Statistics show that while purchasing planning itself is convenient, the finalization of online purchases is much smaller. In fact, only 10% of Internet users said they would be able to buy a product directly through such a portal using the “buy” button. Why? One of the most frequently mentioned reasons is the lack of a virtual basket, clear rules of cooperation (returns, warranty) and the inability to purchase in installments.

Sales through social media have been regulated and changed. The most important of them concern: complaints and warranty, the right to return goods without giving a reason, i.e. withdrawing from the contract and the prohibition of using prohibited clauses also in relation to entrepreneurs. Considering the fact that you can sell in various ways on Facebook or Instagram, these changes also apply to every company or person that does it.

He had to wait for more technologically advanced social selling solutions, but also here a new tool facilitating online sales appeared. Installments are mainly associated with stationary points or e-commerce sites. Nothing could be more wrong. Quite recently, Polish fintech added a plug-in called LoanByLink — simple installments. Who is modern payment for? Installments not only for e-commerce and stationary stores, but also installments in social media, installments for websites without the store function and installment link generator. You choose where you sell. What does this mean for entrepreneurs? Simple integration on the partner’s website. In addition, it’s free. As a partner, you choose the payment method that interests you. When deciding to sell on social media, all you need to do is download a link from the partner’s panel and make available at your auction “buy with LoanByLink”. You can also send it (link) with any communicator. The customer gets a loan or pays for the order with a quick transfer, gets the purchased goods and you get the funds. The payment status is visible in your partner panel. LoanByLink does not charge any fees for integration and sales. You will be where your customers are.

This tool will have a real impact on transforming the interest in the product into a real purchase.

Selling is no longer a one-time act of trust and has become a process in which building a lasting relationship with the consumer is key. By securing the transaction with appropriate tools, we can count not only on the trust of our clients but also a positive opinion.

Author: Małgorzata Szulik, Project Manager at Provema

Polish Fintech specializing in advanced technologies and artificial intelligence in the world of finance.

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